My Self Reflection

Anna Sharpes
3 min readDec 9, 2020

I give this class a two thumbs up! It was a really fun class and I feel like I learned a lot. Definitely way more than I did before the quarter had started at least. Learning about the different realities, the degrees of freedom, and more was very interesting. Especially learning how to create our own Augmented Reality effects, and learning about the different type of technology that uses these realities in our research table projects. I feel like I maybe could have done a little better for the Spark AR projects, I know there were at least two that had extra work that would have been really cool, but I was struggling too much to be able to get the effect to work correctly with it that I had to end up just leaving the extra stuff be in the end. It also doesn’t help that I had so many other projects to work on for other classes too, I felt like I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked.

For the assignments I liked that there were videos to watch about how to do the Spark AR assignments, it was nice to be able to watch and follow along as someone else created the effect. The only thing I didn’t like about that particular assignment was having to write out the procedure step by step, even though I know it didn’t have to be exact, I didn’t think it was exactly necessary. The other assignment and projects were completely fine, although the group project was a little confusing because it didn’t feel like there was a set of instructions or a good direction to follow. Even though I think my group did pretty ok still without a set direction to follow. I think my favorite assignment/project was doing the table research assignment because it was interesting to discover different technology that uses the different realities and how they are being created to help with mental health, exercise, or just for fun.

I think the best part of class honestly was doing the group project. I think it’s always fun to be grouped with people, discussing ideas and working together. Sometimes being in a group is not the best because it can sometimes feel like I’m doing all of the work, but everyone worked really hard and put the time in to try to do our best for this project. The only thing I can think of that could be the worst about the class was writing down the steps of the procedure for each Spark AR project. Otherwise, I think this class was great and I’m really glad I registered for it. One experience that brought me delight was when I was able to finish the shaders project and was taking pictures/videos of myself, it was always funny and cool to see the effects work and how they changed my appearance or the world around me in the camera’s view. I think I will apply what I learned to my future as a designer by maybe making my own kind of reality applications, whether it be augmented reality or virtual reality or something else, to create fun worlds, puzzles, games, and more for people to explore and enjoy. I think that would be very cool to do, especially since I know that I want to create stories that people would enjoy.