I give this class a two thumbs up! It was a really fun class and I feel like I learned a lot. Definitely way more than I did before the quarter had started at least. Learning about the different realities, the degrees of freedom, and more was very interesting. Especially learning how to create our own Augmented Reality effects, and learning about the different type of technology that uses these realities in our research table projects. I feel like I maybe could have done a little better for the Spark AR projects, I know there were at least two…



From what I understood after reading Shweta Mayekar’s article, the acronym S.L.A.M stands for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. It is an algorithmic technology and AR/VR application that translates data that’s gathered from the physical world as reference points and translated into a virtual environment in real-time. The reference points help the machine distinguish between the floors, walls, and other barriers that are in the area. It’s kind of like creating a virtual 3D spatial map that uses various physical environments as a resource. Using S.L.A.M is especially useful in unknown environments where no GPS scan or map signal is…

When we think of augmented reality, we think about it’s purpose and goal of being a system where a user cannot tell the difference between the physical world and the virtual objects that are added to the real world. Currently, there are many platforms that allow many people to create their own augmented realities. Although there may be some slight differences between the platforms, the one thing they do have in common is that they need specific tools to make augmented reality work overall.


This augmented reality app is called “The AR Basketball Game — Augmented Reality”, and it was designed by Thunder Games Studio. It’s a fun and simple game where you use your finger to flick basketballs into the hoop. Whether to pass the challenging levels or to just shoot basketballs endlessly to your heart’s content. While you play the game, this app uses your phone’s camera to insert the virtual basketballs and hoop onto your surroundings. Although the title could be a little better, this game is free and can be downloaded and played on any android or apple handheld-devices.


Think of an alternate, digital, reality where you could do anything to your hearts desire whether it involved with your work, your social interactions, even your own personal interests. Like, for example, buying something on the go without ever needing to use another device to view and pay. This new reality could do so much more that's beyond even our wildest of dreams, and its called the Metaverse. Sadly, it doesn’t completely exist yet, but the Metaverse is coming, and its coming fast. …

When someone gets a tattoo, it can sometimes be difficult to decide on the right one, especially since once you get the tattoo, your stuck with it for life. With the app InkHunter, that’s not a problem now. This app is perfect for tattoo enthusiasts and artists who want to try various designs out with no regrets later on. Available for download on apple and android handheld-devices, this app uses augmented reality (AR)to help you visualize and take photos of various tattoo designs anywhere on your body in real-time. You can use any design in the vast gallery, or you…

Throughout the years, the technological world continues to advance with immense strides. One of the these advances being the reality-virtuality continuum. Reality-virtuality continuum is the vast varieties of digital technology that encompasses a person’s physical reality. Whether it’s using Snapchat lenses for virtual filters on your videos, shopping online and trying on clothes virtually from the comforts of your home, being in a completely virtual world of adventure and wonder through devices like the Oculus Quest 2, and so much more.

Virtual Reality


VR or virtual reality is a computer technology that creates a simulated 3D environment for people to use…

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